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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Offline Report

Quick update after half of the month is done.
Unfortunatly my DSL was out of order this week and the technical customer support needed nearly 5 days to restore my connection :-(

I was on a good pace befor the shutdown only the results weren't that good. I run pretty shitty and in nearly every 3bet or 4bet pot i got setmined...

Graph so far:

Still 2 weeks to go for Novemeber and im confident and motivated turn things around and make some money beside the VPP grind.

Friday, November 1, 2013

October '13 Review

Really busy (poker)month just ended for me!
The best thing first; im finally back and made my first 4 digit month (pre Rakeback) playing only NL25 this Year!
The first two weeks were "business as usual"...
Running bad, only Setups/cooler spots followed by some bad poker ^^
But after the 13th i found back into my rythm and had no more losingsession for the rest of the month!Some rungood at the end always helps and is welcome at any time ;-)

My goal was to hit 10k Vpps for October, it was close but i missed it due to some reallife stuff at the end.


  • 144,077 Hands (NL25 $/€  -  96% FR)
  • 9,658 VPPs
 + 1,018.42$ @ the tables
 + 540.85$ VPP value
 + 96$ Stellars


= + 1,655.27$

Still 20,25k VPP to go for the last two month, means ~ 300k Hands left at NL25!


Saturday, October 5, 2013

September '13 Review

Yeah what can i say, the worst Year in terms of winnings (since 2009) still continues and there is no end in sight...
September was really disapointing and sometimes frustrating too! :-(
Had one week of so my Volume wasnt that great, needed until the 30th of Sept. to hit the 6,5k vpps Border to keep the Supernova status.
A small ray of light at the very last day of the month when i caught a small upswing and won 12 Buy-ins on one day (best day so far this year) to get the poor month into to green at least!


  • 77,304 Hands (NL25 $/€/£  SH/FR Mix)
  • 6,570 VPPs
+ 250.07$  @ the tables
+ 367.92$ VPP value
+ 65$ Stellars


=  + 682,99$

Would be great if i can win again some money while putting in all the money preflop!
(the curve keep collecting nothing but EV so far...)

Keeping Supernova for 2014 too is still a big goal for me, so i have to stop beeing lazy and put in some serious volume the next (and last) three month of the Year!!
Since i dont want to move up i'll need ~ 400-450k Hands at NL25 FR  because i only get ~ 7 VPPs/100 Hands.